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AlexGold continues to attract Major Hospital Groups with Multi-Campus Asset Management System

CARMEL, IN - Hospitals today are on the eternal search for how to better manage their millions of dollars in instruments, the productivity of their employees, the lines of communication among staff and most importantly, manage preventable infections that occur with-in the hospital environment.

The average Operating Room bills out at $700/minute and is directly supported by the Sterile Processing Department of the hospital to ensure that the OR is receiving not only the proper instruments to carry out the mission critical procedures, but the assurance that those instruments have been properly decontaminated, assembled and sterilized. This is vital to the efficiency and productivity of the OR. It is no secret that the Instrument Tracking market place is growing rapidly as hospitals are realizing the need to have control over this highly critical part of the entire puzzle.

An instrument tracking system, such as AlexGold, will provide the hospital with the tools to automate the management of surgical instrumentation and equipment used throughout the facility. It will provide automatic updates, which will eliminate outdated instrument set information. Online pictures of instruments and sets will allow staff to view unfamiliar items w/o wasting valuable time by looking them up in outdated catalogs. Detailed instructions, whether cleaning, assembly, setup or dispatch, can be instantly loaded to alert technicians when an expensive or specific instrument needs special care.

Using the tools that come with AlexGold will lessen the burden to rely on the skills of a few key technicians to provide the information regarding handling, cleaning, and set up of unfamiliar sets. Technicians will be alerted to conflicts between instrument set and sterilization methods before they have placed an item into the sterilizer. Sterilizer reports will be generated along with a history of the loads associated with the sterilizer.

AlexGold helps you control one of many common issues, tray turn over. By being able to flag items for priority reprocessing for another case, you will have the tray ready for the next needed case and also be able to track and expedite the Case Cart through the infrastructure. If the tray is not ready you will be able to pinpoint where in the process the ball was dropped and proactively fix the recurring issues.

Staff satisfaction is an immeasurable stat. The inability to routinely supply the operating room a complete set can seriously undermine trust in the working relationship between the Sterile Processing Department and OR. A computer tracking system, such as AlexGold, gives both departments enhanced information sharing and the ability to quickly locate instruments as needs arise and also measure and report on the productivity of the technicians that are handling these instruments.

AlexGold will better help you manage your instruments going out for repairs. It can provide a maintenance schedule based on usage cycles. Reports can include historical information on missing and damaged instruments in a particular set. Improved maintenance schedules lead to a decrease in instrument replacement. Understanding instrument utilization helps SPD and OR makes cost effective decisions when acquiring additional sets.

In conclusion AlexGold will bring your level of service to a greater than acceptable and controllable level. As a service provider you need to stay ahead of demand in the techniques you employ. As previously stated, by using tools that are outdated you under perform a vital function for your patients. You can not rely on cards that are not up to date and cause staff frustrations due to lack of an understanding of what is needed against what is requested nor should you have to rely on tracking systems that are cumbersome, hard to learn, non-scalable or non-reliable.

AlexGold has become an industry leader and is setting the standard for how instrument tracking should be done. With several high profile clients such as Clarian Health, Capital Health, Henry Ford Health System, University of Wisconsin, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, Denver Health and several dozens more, AlexGold does not hang itís value on ONE ďneatĒ benefit to the application, AlexGold prides itself on being a robust, reliable, state of the art and all encompassing solution that is designed directly from the input of itís end-users. To learn more about AlexGold, please contact TGX Medical Systems, Inc. at 800-732-1070 or on the web at www.tgxmedical.com.

About TGX Medical Systems
TGX Medical Systems Inc., the Indiana-based development software firm that owns the Alex Software, is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA. TGX Medical Systems designs, develops and markets software solutions for medical asset management and tracking. These web-based systems work with specialized hardware supplied by major integrators. They are sold to small, medium and large-sized hospitals and medical facilities. TGX Medical Systems's systems are distinguished from competition by their sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification and are extensively patented. Our markets are worldwide. The TGX Medical Systems website is www.tgxmedical.com.