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Tracking Health Equipment after A Recall is Made Easier with New TerraGraphiX Software

Carmel, Ind. - There are approximately a dozen product recalls each year that affect thousands of pieces of equipment in U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Now, hospitals have a better way to ensure that products and instruments are taken out of circulation and accounted for after a recall is announced, increasing patient safety and care.

The computer software that allows this tracking is a new module of the ALEX instrument tracking system. ALEX is a software system designed to track the location and status of vital equipment and surgical instruments in hospitals, surgery centers and healthcare facilities.

The module, Alex Recall Management, searches the Alex system to find recalled instrument or equipment and identifies the associated instrument sets. This enhancement finds the physical location of the recalled instrument or equipment within the facility and obtains any associated information, including the vendor contact, images and the lifecycle process history.

Alex Recall Management also allows hospitals to research prior recalls to ensure that no equipment is still in use within the facility and reports the recall results by specialty, manufacturer, date, FDA number or instrument type.

According to Todd Wood, CEO of TerraGraphiX, which owns and developed the new portion of the ALEX software, this new module is an added safety measure for hospitals, as well as manufacturers and distributors who, according to the FDA, generally carry out most recalls voluntarily.

"Alex Recall Management enhances the existing features of Alex, saving hospitals and companiesí time and providing greater quality assurance measures recalled equipment is quickly located and removed from the system."

More than 43 hospitals in North America and Canada are now using the ALEX software.

In addition to its product recall function, ALEX is also used as a valuable tool in preventing the spread of infection throughout healthcare facilities by ensuring that instruments and instrument sets have been properly decontaminated and sterilized.

The system tracks vital instruments from operating rooms through decontamination to storage, and everywhere in between, ensuring that doctors have sterile instrument sets at the right time and at the right location.

About TGX Medical Systems
TGX Medical Systems Inc., the Indiana-based development software firm that owns the Alex Software, is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, USA. TGX Medical Systems designs, develops and markets software solutions for medical asset management and tracking. These web-based systems work with specialized hardware supplied by major integrators. They are sold to small, medium and large-sized hospitals and medical facilities. TGX Medical Systems's systems are distinguished from competition by their sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification and are extensively patented. Our markets are worldwide. The TGX Medical Systems website is www.tgxmedical.com.