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Why ALEX Asset Management Software

Following our mission statement, to develop software that is a catalyst for change in best practices throughout the healthcare industry, we offer Alex Asset Management software as the solution. The purpose of Alex is to provide clients with tangible and intangible benefits that can cut costs and increase efficiencies while maintaining high standards of infection control which greatly improve the productivity and profitability of a healthcare facility. The tangible benefits of Alex are to reduce costs associated with purchase, repair, reprocessing, recalls and utilization of equipment. Intangible benefits include improved cooperation between Central Supply and OR departments, procedures that start on time, better patient costing, improved employee productivity, and reduce time spent with regulatory agencies.

The Central Processing Department or Materials Management Division of a hospital is a major business operation, supporting the hospital's primary income source - the operating rooms, while employing millions of dollars of inventory, and operating with a budget of several hundred thousand dollars per year. Business accepted wisdom indicates that the information needed to run this "business" is a corporate resource that should be formalized, automated, and leveraged to provide a uniformly high level of service and efficiency. This could never be more prevalent than with the Supply Chain Management within a hospital.

Alex Gold is the first web based asset management software on the market. It allows for scalability in the hospital, meaning it can grow and keep pace with the growth of the facility at minimal cost. The purpose for its development is to provide a baseline for infection control, track instrument usage throughout their lifecycle, and report on employee productivity in a healthcare facility. It ensures proper sterilization methods are being used while maintaining biological records electronically.